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Oklahoma IBA Update

In the Fall of 2006 the Oklahoma Audubon Council selected Eric Beck as our State's Important Bird Areas Coordinator. Eric is currently serving in a volunteer capacity, with the Council covering his expenses. We are now working on obtaining funding to transition this to a paid position.

If you would like to contribute to the Council's IBA program, please visit our support page.

Please click here for an introduction to the Oklahoma IBA program from Martin Brown, Chair of our IBA Steering Committee.

Please be sure to read coordinator Eric Beck's regular IBA updates:

Spring 2008 IBA Update

Winter 2007/2008 IBA Update

July/August 2007

April/May 2007

March 2007

For additional information on the IBA program in Oklahoma please visit the Oklahoma IBA Page on the National Audubon IBA site.




A Global Currency for Bird Conservation

Audubon, as the Partner for BirdLife International, is working to identify a network of sites that provide critical habitat for birds. This effort known as the Important Bird Areas Program (IBA) recognizes that habitat loss and fragmentation are the most serious threats facing populations of birds across America and around the world. By working through partnerships, principally the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, to identify those places that are critical to birds during some part of their life cycle (breeding, wintering, feeding, migrating) we hope to minimize the effects that habitat loss, and degradation have on bird populations. Unless we can slow the rapid destruction and degradation of habitat, populations of many birds may decline to dangerously low levels. The IBA program is a global effort to identify areas that are most important for maintaining bird populations, and focus conservation efforts at protecting these sites. In the U.S. the IBA program has become a key component of many bird conservation efforts, for example: Partners in Flight, North American Waterbird Conservation Plan, and the U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan.

"IBAs have a unique power to unite people, communities, and organizations
in proactive bird conservation, one place at a time." -
Frank Gill, Senior Ornithologist, National Audubon Society

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